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eye em hi. #datgoodgood #phuckwhatyouthink ­čśĆ

eye em hi. #datgoodgood #phuckwhatyouthink ­čśĆ

I ask that you please vote for my brother Joseph and his fianc├ę Martella daily! Such a lovely couple right?! You can vote once a day until March 15th so please try to vote AND share to your friends every day until then. They are currently in third place! Please visit www.allurebridals.com/vote for Martella + Joseph or www.allurebridals.com/martellajoseph THANKS! Help the BESTMAN do his duty!

(All photos belong to Martella Roxas Photography)

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Martella + Joseph

Would you like to help a Bestman out?! Please vote EVERYDAY, cause you can, for my brother┬áJoseph Reynoso┬áand my childhood friend┬áMartella Abigail Roxas┬áto win a contest for a great opportunity towards their wedding! I love them both so much, so please read their story of how the proposal went and I’m pretty sure it will captivate your hearts and lead you to vote. Let’s get them to that number one spot!┬á